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And a name synonymous with quality

Founded in 1970 by the Price Family, Sunterra Farms has a solid foundation in production agriculture. With core values rooted in excellence and quality, Sunterra provides meticulous care and attention to detail in its own operations and for its management clients.  


We provide industry-leading care for our animals through loose housing sow barns and new, state-of-the-art facilities in which to raise pigs. Our team members are carefully trained to care for the animals with empathy and awareness of every detail of their comfort. 

Team members holding baby pigs


A key component to keeping our pigs healthy is a strictly implemented biosecurity program covering all aspects of production. Our team of consultant veterinarians and nutritionists are leaders in the industry and an integral part of our management team, designing robust production practices that ensure the health of our animals.

Pigs in barn


Our strength is in our people, and the commitment and dedication of our staff allows Sunterra Farms to explore new opportunities and succeed in areas of pork production that would otherwise not be possible. Sunterra Farms is committed to being a strong and active part of the rural communities where we are located, providing employment and economic activity in the agriculture industry.

Team member petting pig


Sustainability is essential to our operations. We steward the land with the intention of leaving it in even better condition than we found it for future generations to farm and enjoy. This can be seen in the collaborative relationship between our farming and cropping divisions, where we have implemented nutrient management plans to ensure that manure produced in our barns and neighbouring cattle operations is recycled as high-quality fertilizer for our crops.

Sustainable agriculture; tractors and barn in wheat field


At Sunterra, we strive to implement cutting edge technology to benefit our farms and our customers. We are in a unique position to scientifically trial new products and services through our production facilities located throughout North America, including a dedicated research facility located in South Dakota.

Pork research barn
Pig barn in field close up
Sunterra Farms operates pig farms in Alberta, South Dakota and Iowa
We're passionate about pork and dedicated to the highest standards of farming.
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